Scrambled Eggs Like You’ve Never Had before

How does it work?

The team at Scraegg have developed a unique, patented process for preparing delicious egg dishes. Steam is used to heat the egg mixture, which is scrambled evenly. The ingredients are swirled together perfectly thanks to a patented steam nozzle which helps create little pockets of trapped air, resulting in an unrivalled, fluffy consistency – we call this “scraegging”.

Flavors - Something for Every Taste

Scraegg Flavors are select, perfectly prepared recipes made from organic eggs and natural ingredients. No stress, no fat and no pans to clean. Made with eggs from happy chickens.

The Fastest Scrambled Egg in the World

Top ROI – high added value
Small items which are consistent in quality and style
3 consistency options
Fully automated preparation – just a single press of a button
Guaranteed success
Space-saving, approx. 30 x 30 cm
Extremely easy to operate
Requires just 220V
Mains water connection available and 1,5 l tank
High throughput per hour
Barely any mess, minimal cleaning

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