Our Coffee

Our premium coffee experience starts from a lengthy quality control over the use of coffee beans. Therefore every TopBrewer has Amokka coffee in it!

Amokka’s approach to coffee is acting humble towards raw coffee growers, and to conduct the roasting process with fine, gentle craftsmanship. By carefully roasting each batch and repeating the process, we enter into agreements with farmers directly and form an extensive network of Direct Trade to the benefit of the farmer, the community and the quality of those who drink our coffee.

Artisan Heritage

At Amokka Coffee Roasters we love coffee and passionately seek out nothing but the best coffee beans from around the world. We pride ourselves in trading our coffee directly with farmers, investing in a sustainable future and giving us greater transparency about where our coffee comes from and how it is grown.

Our master roaster carefully roasts every batch finding the exact sweet spot where it has the best flavour and aroma. With passion and innovation, we make each bag of coffee with the best recipe and approach.

Roasted and Cared by Experts

Blending - high quality coffee beans shipped directly from the farmers
Roasting - carefully roasted for best flavour and aroma
Packing & shipping - we pack and ship directly to our customers

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